Tales of CreNolina's Heavenly Organics Certified Organic Farmating an Organic Farm

The land was purchased in 2004 & several small gardens were started. Organic certification was applied for right away, probably the smallest farm ever inspected! Since the land was pristine, the farm became Certified Organic.


Since then, here’s what’s been done:


We've built tiny straw bale casita!


Here’s our greenhouse with adobe end walls used for growing bedding plants in winter and spring.  

Photovoltaic Solar System ~ the building which now houses batteries, charge controller, inverter & components with 4 solar panels on the roof. Our first experience building with straw bales and finishing inside walls with earth plaster made from clay and sand from the farm.



WATER. Here is our first water from a shallow well in 2005. Hallelujah, water is life!! Before that we hauled water. Later a deep well was drilled and the irrigation set up.  



The Field-in-Creation, quarter acre at a time, soil made from dirt!!!! No till, raised beds, drip irrigation, all organic methods used. Irrigation laid for T-Tape drip system in field.


Large storage building completed, at last, 1/3 at a time (never enough storage)  

Hen house, shared by peacocks and guineas.


Much was learned about how and what to grow in early years. Being so close to the Rio Grande makes super high and low temps, with 60 degree daily spans common. New Mexico weather with its fierce spring winds, sporadic rainfall, long hot days, tenacious weeds and a plethora of insects brings its own challenges to farming.

So, the farm is small but productive.


In 2010 Nolina’s Heavenly Organics was surprised and honored to receive the Good Earth Award presented by the New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission. The award is for a new farmer with good farming practices and produce, and was presented at the annual NM Organic Farming Conference.

ADVICE TO NEW FARMERS ~ Wanna start a farm? Even if the barn is falling down and the farmhouse is dilapidated, buy an existing, even neglected farm. It’s too much to do it all from scratch!!




The Field is surrounded by wild acreage. Some grassland, old growth cottonwood bosque and a wetland. A conservation and restoration program is in progress.

First step was to fence the entire perimeter to keep the cows out. Remember, we are still wild wild west here in New Mexico, with open range laws in effect.

Next, salt cedar (invasive species) removed and groves of once naturally occurring native trees planted. Desert hackberry, Arizona Walnut, False Indigo, Goodings Willow, and new cottonwoods.

Wildlife is prolific, some to our delight, others not. (Gophers and skunks!) Here’s what we’ve seen, check out the Bird tab for our bird list. Gray fox, deer, raccoon, muskrat, mountain lion (mother with 2 cubs created so much havoc that the Game & Fish folks removed her, she wasn’t supposed to live in this neighborhood), bats, bobcat, coyote, skunk, mice, squirrel, rabbit. Oh yes, javelina too, recently migrating northward. And snakes too, rattlers, gopher snakes, king snakes, garter snakes.
Blackbird nest in cattails

Bat houses added around the property


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