Nolina's Heavenly Organics Certified Organic Farm

Currently 77 varieties call our farm home!

Types of garlic by name, including the country of origin.  Many of our garlics are unique, heirloom varieties, both domestic and international in origin.

Garlic Type Country of Origin
Ajo Rojo Hardneck from Maine
Arpakalen Hardneck Turkmenistan
Assisi Rocambole Italy
Baba Franchuk Rocambole Canadian
Beekeeper's Sicilian Artichoke brought to Wisconsin by Sicilian immigrants in the 1920's
Blanco de Huelma Zamora Artichoke Spain
Blanik Glazed Purple Stripe Czech Republic
Blossom Turban from the Temple of Heaven in Bejing, China
Bogatyr Marbled Purple Stripe Moscow
Bolivian Silverskin a long keeper, from an open market in La Paz, Bolivia
Brown Rose Marbled Purple Stripe USSR
Carpati Artichoke from Carpathian Mts of SW Poland
Changzu Turban Changzu, Kazakhstan near Chinese border
Chesnok Red Purple Stripe  Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia
Chinese Purple (aka Chinese Cherry Bomb!) Turban China
Creole Red Creole Variety
Cuzco Unclassified Peru
Donastia Red Creole from a mkt in Donastia (San Sebastien), Euzkadi ~ Basque favorite
Dubna Marbled Purple Stripe Dubna, Russia
Dujansky Marbled Purple Stripe from a mkt in Ashgabat, capital city of Turkmenistan.
Elephant  Fun!
Estonian Red Marbled Purple Stripe Tallin Market, Estonia
Frank Sentova Artichoke Wellspring Farm, New York
French Red Sativum Artichoke from Stinking Rose Farm via France
German White Porcelain Germany
Germandor Creole
Greek Silverskin late to mature, similar to Bolivian
Guatemalan Creole Variety  Aguacatan, Guatemala
Gypsy Red Rocambole Romania 
Inchellium Red Artichoke Washington State, Colville Indian Reservation
Israeli Rocambole Israel
Italian  Silverskin Italy
Kansas Ditch  German Porcelain found growing on a ditchbank
Kettle River Artichoke Kettle Falls, Washington
Kitab Marbled Purple Stripe from Mts above Kitab, Uzbekistan
Korean Mad Dog Artichoke Korea
Korean Red Hot Asiatic Korea
Lampang Asiatic from a roadside stand south of Chaing Mai, Thailand
Lorz Artichoke Italy
Lotus Turban SE China
Macias Cal White Artichoke Albuquerque Family strain
Matakama Purple Hardneck Matakama, New Zealand
Metachi Marbled Purple Stripe Republic of Georgia
Morado de Pedrona Creole Variety  Andalucia, Spain
Moroccan Creole Creole Essaurira, Morroco
Mt Saint Helens Silverskin an heirloom from Westerrn Washington
Munhung Asiatic Munhung, Korea
Musik Porcelain Canadian grower Al Music brought it from Italy
Ontario Giant Rocambole Canada
Palestinian Unclassified from the century old family stock of Khaled Hardan, Palestine
Persian Star  Purple Stripe  Uzbekistan
Polish Hardneck Porcelain Poland
Pskem Marbled Purple Stripe Pskem River Valley, Uzbekistan
Purple Glazer Glazed Purple Stripe Mchadijvari, Republic of Georgia
Purple Italian Rocambole Italy
PyongYang Asiatic North Korea
Ron's Single Center Artichoke aka "Trueheart"
Rosewood Porcelain Moldavia
Russian Gigante Marbled Purple Stripe origins unknown, grows huge & tastes sulfurous
Russian Red Rocambole from Doukhobor, Russian immigrants in early 1900's
Shandong Turban Shandong Province, China
Shavat wild garlic from Tajikistan
Siberian Marbled Purple Stripe Kamchakta, Siberia
Singing Falls Asiatic Oregon
Spanish Roja Rocambole brought to Portland, OR over a century ago
Susanville Artichoke a long storing California White
Takayama Rocambole (Asiatic) Takayama, a highland city in central Japan
Tashkent Turban Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Thai Purple Turban Thailand
Thermadrone Artichoke France
Topal Turban opal turban
Transylvanian Artichoke Transylvania
Turkish Artichoke Turkey
Vekak Glazed Purple Stripe Czech
Ver Veist Who Knows?
Verchnyava Mcara  Purple Stripe  Abkhaziz, Republic of Georgia
Vilnius Purple Stripe  Vilnius, Lithuania
Wild Rocambole Rocambole Poland
Shallot Type Country of Origin
Dutch Yellow Shallots
French Red Shallots
Frog Leg Shallots

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