Nolina's Heavenly Organics Certified Organic Farm

Farm Volunteers - 2009

Thanks to all who came and helped at the farm. Farming is a community effort and the results of many hands and hearts.

Tara from Boston. Spent March planting onions and spring greens. Returned in September to help with with Farm Tours for schoolkids. So, Tara was at the farm for all 4 seasons of 2009!!
Wendy from Massachusetts. Lots of spring weeding. Helped pour a cement slab and build a shed.
Cree from Albuquerque. Spring planting and piano playing!
Donovan from Socorro. Helps with everything at the farm. Yes, trades for garlic to squash to radishes!
CocoBelle & Clairibelle. Dig gophers and chase away skunk, deer and coyotes.
Xanda from Santa Fe. Poetess & Chef. Made gourmet crepes with wolfberry sauce. Wolfberries are a local plant said to have medicinal properties.
Bonnie Bani from New York. Tanned and weeded like crazy. Traveled on to Ecuador. Sent back some extraordinary art photos of the farm. Thanks Bani!
Corwin, Franco & Mikhail. First visit out west from Georgia. Helped harvest and hang garlic, lots of it!
Rachel from Pennsylvania. Harvested skillions of onions! Rachel excelled at selling our produce at the Farmer's Market.
Sam, Duschan & Linnea from Socorro. Worked all summer long from weeding to picking beans. In the words of Duschan at the Autumn Equinox Harvest Dinner in The Field, "It's good to eat my work."
Brian from Pennsylvania. Busted out the work from making paths to digging potatoes to selling at Farmer's Markets.
Laura & Eric from Virginia, and Sama from Vermont is in the middle. Helped build adobe wall on greenhouse. Yup, it gets cold here in October, we were all shivering!
Nell from Texas. Helped complete greenhouse, worked in field clearing and prepping soil, planted garlic. Was here for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's doing what we love at the farm, working and eating!

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