Nolina's Heavenly Organics Certified Organic Farm

Farm Volunteers - 2010

Meghan from Oregon - Amazing Weed Buster clears kochia forest!! Prepped field (very hard work), helped plant 7,000 onion babies, spring greens, painted a building & helped pour a concrete slab. The Puzzle Queen & a Healer, Meghan studied NM herbs and took home Hierba del Mansa roots. Welcome back anytime, thanks Meghan!!
Lea from Germany via World College in Las Vegas, NM spent her week spring study session (they don’t call it spring break) at the farm planting onion babies and busting out the weeds. Lea is back in Germany and reports “concrete everywhere, no place to plant seeds, how sad”. We loved your visit Lea!!
Tara, Jane & Kailah - Tara’s third stay at the farm and she brought friends as they travel around the country. Harvesting and bunching beets was our fav, also green garlic, yum. Happy travels about the planet to all of you - J.
University of NM students film Nolina’s Heavenly Organics during the Spring Sustainability Expo/Lobo Grower’s Market. Thanks for promoting organic & sustainable.
Lindsay & Heather from Nova Scotia helped weed, harvest & sell at the Farmer’s Market in Socorro, as well as packaging up a big order of greens for La Montanita Co-op. Thanks!
Tom & Monta from Kansas toured The Farm and cut garlic scapes during their visit to New Mexico.
Gloria from Socorro helped with harvest in summer, then with garlic planting in November, thus completing the cycle ~ her parents harvested garlic scapes in spring!
Katie B from Socorro helped harvest, weed and bunch beets, leeks, radishes, turnips. Took home produce; see, “will work for food” is real!! Thanks for your support.
Linnea - Farm Fairy, Writer & UNM student - worked all summer planting, weeding, harvesting, delivering produce, bunching beets & smiling at the Farmer’s Markets. That’s allota 4 am alarms on Saturdays! Allotta thanks Linnea!
Donovan from Socorro Thanks for the second year of super work! Harvested lots of garlic, helped with absolutely everything whenever needed & sundried the too-ripe-to-travel Brandywine tomatoes. That’s CoCo & Clairibelle who work tirelessly discouraging gophers, chasing coyotes & skunks, and even barking at the Cooper’s hawk who swooped in and killed a chicken right in the yard. We still love the wild bosque that surrounds our field!
Sarah from Albuquerque worked on the website you are viewing, and interviewed us for her thesis project. Thanks Sarah, for choosing our farm and adding the 2010 Volunteer & Crops pages!!
Angie from Albuquerque harvesting okra!
Jude from Albuquerque helps at Nob Hill Market and visits farm from time to time to plant onions and garlic. Thanks Farm Fairy!

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