Nolina's Heavenly Organics Certified Organic Farm

Farm Volunteers - 2011

Sarah from Abq thanks for working on the farm website!
Miracle Mo from Socorro saved a big old tree that had split and was leaning almost to the ground using a device called a block and tackle. Thanks Moises!
Kate & Elektra from Socorro we loved looking up from harvesting in the field to see you walking down our lane to help!
Jude from Abq helped at the Saturday Farmer's Markets until she went off to Brazil. A wonderful gift, thanks Jude!
Linnea from UNM dazzling market customers !
Donovan yet another year of bustin out the work in the field all year long, amazing!!
Ilene from Abq traded produce for helping at the Farmer's Market and cheered us all with her magic crystal hula hoop. Thanks friend!
Angie from Abq visits the farm each year and plays havoc with the weeds, thanks Ang!
Mileva & Sam from Socorro built a fence, planted beans, harvested onions and much more. Hope to see you this summer!
Garlic Planting Day Brrrr. . . Jamie, Talula, Tom, Manta, Gloria, Michael, Vera, Sophie, Danielle, Luma, and Cynthia ~ we planted 6,000 cloves of garlic, whew!!
Onion Planting Weekend Anna, Sarah, Mirjana, Jeanne, Michael, Jude, Ken, Gloria, Kate, Dave, Sam, Joyce, Isaac, Yachim, Elektra & Nolina. 18 hands helped plant 7,000 baby onions!!!!!!!
Weed Busters Dave, Kate, Elektra, Joyce, John, Michael, Gloria, & Linnea.
...It's not all work!

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