Nolina's Heavenly Organics Certified Organic Farm

VOLUNTEERS 2012-2013

Lynnly (2 of each letter!) ~ from Washington ~ Free spirited fine artiste (BFA) & Adventuress ~ Zesty awesum volunteer, loves good food, animals, hiking, camping, growing food, yoga, eclectic musical tastes. A very alive Being. Contributed heaps to the farm on her two visits, much appreciated. Good luck Lynnly!!!
Matt from Virginia stayed in winter and helped with building projects and trenching for over 500 feet of water line. He wrote a classic one liner on the “guest book”, a wall where visitors sign their names and write something profound or silly. Everyone loves Matt’s “All this digging induces me to swagger.” He deserves it!!!
Justin & Sarah from Socorro worked really hard on summer break, especially weeding the onions!
Keith aka “Butters” who now lives in Germany. Planted lotsa radishes!
Mileva & Linnea harvesting garlic scapes in spring.
Chandley & Shona from UNM in Albuquerque for onion planting in winter.
Krystal (middle) In the summer with Chandley & Shona, all Sustainable Ag students at UNM.
The local work gang! Michael, Mileva, Mirjana, Duschan, Gier, Sam, all the dogs and Fontleroy the goat, nickname Fonty come to help!!

Kim et Simon - The Two Birdz
The Two Birdz
Kim et Simon from Montreal stayed at the farm for awhile, planted 18,000 onions, did lots of work and played lots of music and cooked great food. We had fun exploring New Mexico, and they also got several gigs in Socorro at the Plaza Café where locals were greatly entertained by their unique combo of French and English originals. They call themselves The Two Birdz. After all the planting was done we set up in the field and played music for the onions and all of us!!! Thanks ever so much Kim et Simon, the farm loves you and the big trees still dance the tango in the full moonlight!


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