Nolina's Heavenly Organics Certified Organic Farm

VOLUNTEERS 2014-2015

Lexi from Arizona, now in Socorro. Connected with the farm via rock-climbing. Enjoys all the work from planting to harvesting, and takes home armfuls of greens to cook. Likes to cook with new things, such as leeks, and try new recipes, like Kabocha Maple Cake. A joy to work with.
Katie from Colorado, now in Socorro. Great harvester, works all day in our GiGi (Giant Greenhouse) harvesting and bunching chard, kale, collards, and more greens in the dead of winter to deliver to La Montanita. Lots of fun working together.
Tami Brunk the astrologer from Albuquerque visited with her mom Judy from the Midwest. A terrific time was enjoyed by all, weeding in GiGi, harvesting, and cooking up lunch from the field, including Buttercup Squash soup made by Judy, yum. We love guest farmers J
Kloey New Mexico Tech student to graduate in May 2015 as a Science Educator. Garlic planter and weeder. Friend of Lexi. Wishes to one day teach kids about farming.
Camille from Magdalena ~ friend of Lexi’s. Helps weed, plant, paint and loves the farm’s collection of teas for breaks!
Elise with her dad the Star Volunteer. Recently returned from living in New Zealand, she visits to help plant garlic, repair electrical line, and whatever else is needed. Loves taking home produce to cook. Home is now Oklahoma.
Bryan from Socorro. Nickname “He-Man”. His extraordinary height gives him super strength and leverage for such tasks as pounding fence stakes and planting trees. Thanks for helping this spring, Bryan.
Isaac from Socorro. With a laid back style he produces astonishing results from building the sheep barn, constructing the giant greenhouse to harvesting tomatoes. And, jumps the very highest on the trampoline!
Linnea now residing in Germany. Has worked at the farm for many many years and knows how to do everything. Zehr gut!
Jaime from Lemitar. Helps with emergency fixes of gopher-chewed electrical line and broken well, in trade for “blue garlic”.
The English Shepard Gang There’s Oni, Clairi Belle, Issa Belle, CoCo Belle, and Wilco. Protecting the farm by chasing coyotes & skunks, digging gophers, and new this year, the farm was invaded by javalinas that have migrated from the south and were feasting on melons and tomatoes. The dogs ferociously barked and chased them, but they are scary with fierce chompers and come at night. So we helped by fencing the field with flexible fencing, hanging bells, mounting a floodlight, and jumping in the truck to chase them off at 3am when the dogs announced their approach by madly barking!
Our Neighbors Brian and David at the ranch to the east deserve a huge thanks. Over the years they have helped with tractor work, repairs, building, removing downed trees, roping pesky rams and much more. And they always invite us to their authentic New Mexico style Matansas. Here they are with Donovan (center) helping process our organic chickens for the freezer. Best roasted chicken we ever ‘et !!!
Riley, Rob n Amber at their high country homestead near Datil, NM. They contributed a plot of land to test plant some garlic varieties. The aim is to see how the same varieties grow at higher elevation in more severe weather, compared to the farm in the Rio Grande Valley.
Nic the Invisible Wizard behind the scenes, Website Designer Extraordinaire. He makes what we are viewing possible, and is intuitive and brilliant. THANKS!!!

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